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Translation Tools

Translation tools such as SDL Trados are exceptionally attractive aids for the modern translator. A digital version of the source text is required in order to work with a translation memory. Translation tools feature a memory in which the entire translation is saved in the form of segments while the document is being translated. The major advantage of course is that recurring texts do not have to be re-translated each time, which offers financial benefits to you the client. Translation tools also ensure that terminology is used consistently.

A question frequently asked in this regard is whether the computer – via whichever intelligent software – will ultimately take over the tasks of a translator. Our response to this question is a resounding no. The exquisite art of translation will thankfully remain in the hands of human beings. Translation is a fascinating activity performed by committed people with brains as well as emotions. People who understand the world and possess the necessary empathy and above all passion for their art. Computers and translation tools are highly practical aids, but the translator is always in control. All of which ensures that you always receive a “translation with a soul”.